Our Brand

Timeless, iconic and sustainable Silk and Cashmere Accessories for every occasion.


Prinz Berlin is a young and aspirational accessory brand based in Munich, run by a strong women-trio Zaza, Steffi and Luisa. Prinz Berlin stands for emotion, personality and simplicity. It was created for everyone who values extraordinary products made with patience, passion, and love. Every product is unique.

Modern prints, elegant silk and high quality cashmere revive iconic fashion pieces and complement every look for every occasion. No matter if you are heading to a dinner party, a joyful shopping stroll, to the office or the beach - our Princes are always loyal companions.


We like to say, it’s the cherry on the top in the most aesthetic way possible.


What we value.


Togetherness.  Our Prinz Berlin products evoke a sense of community and passion. It is our intention to design long-lasting and contemporary accessories that are made for everybody and every body – unisex and unisize. Sizes hereby only determine the style and are suitable across generations.


Product First.   Our pieces are the centre of attention for us. Iconic accessories find new values and are brought back to life through modern designs and aesthetic prints. Inspired by art epochs and travels, designed in collaboration with artists and personal inspiration, our unique products complement any look, fitting your everyday style.


Honesty.   Made by hand and a responsible and fair way of manufacturing are an integral part of Prinz Berlin. Our focus is to create durable and sustainable accessories that go beyond trends and can be worn eternally. Each product is the result of the highest quality standards: Starting from the selection of materials to the production. Each piece is exclusively produced in Europe and finished by hand in Germany.