How To Prinz


Cashmere Care Tips. Treat it well.

Ways to make your Prinz Cashmere last a lifetime.

Cashmere is one of the most durable, sustainable, and long-lasting natural fibers. Our Little Prinz and Prinz Hat are made out of the softest cashmere and by hand! They not only give you a soft second skin sensation and the feeling of floating on a cloud, but also many years of joy if you treat them with love and care. Here are our top tips and tricks on how to treat your favorite Prinz companions, to make them last a lifetime. Enjoy!

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Once worn. Never without. Your second skin.

The true companion on cold days. Ways to wear your little Prinz.

Not only the softest cashmere and handmade production makes our Little Prinz so special but also his length. He is intentionally a short scarf that can be combined with any outfit during these cold winter days! No matter if you are inside or outside you will never want to take him off as he wraps around your neck like a second skin. With his special size he will not dominate your favorite winter sweater or blouse but instead will compliment it in an elegant and timeless manner. He can be worn as a turtleneck, a modern tie or just as a cashmere scarf to your favorite winter occasions. Once you wear it, he will never disappoint!

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One Scarf. Endless Possibilities.

How to style your favorite Prinz Print.

Our silky scarf is not just a scarf. No matter if you are going to the beach, a dinner party, a shopping stroll or to the office - he can accompany you on any day everywhere! Our beloved, timeless classic can add the final touch to any of your outfits with many vivid patterns and unique color combinations. Of course you wouldn't wear it the same way for every occasion. So here are some of our favorite options to tie your Prinz Print. What is yours? Let your creativity flourish with this iconic and versatile closet staple. Enjoy!

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