Kopie von Sustainability & Ethics

At Prinz Berlin we only use environmentally friendly and cruelty-free processes for developing and producing your classic pieces. We take every step possible to minimize our carbon footprint and act sustainably in each and every field of our business. When it comes to sustainability, we want to walk the walk as well as talking the talk. Here’s how we contribute:   


The little Prinz.

We have spent many months seeking the ultimate combination of fabric and style for our Little Prinz. When we found the softest cashmere, which feels like floating on a cloud, we knew our production had to be special to deal with such premium material. The cashmere is too fine to be machine processed. 

Our wool

The most precious and noble material of all wool comes from cashmere goats. And it is precisely from these special animals that our wool comes. Our goats live in Inner Mongolia on a certified cashmere farm. The shepherds follow a prescribed code of conduct for farms, including animal welfare. They live in the wild at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. The cold in the highlands of down to -40 degrees ensures that the valuable undercoat, the warming wool layer, grows at all. That is why cashmere breeding is not possible in western countries. In spring at the time of the coat change, the precious undercoat of the goat is combed out so that it does not mix with the less valuable topcoat. Only about 100g of wool are obtained per year and animal.

Our production

The yarns themselves are produced in Italy, where we select the most beautiful colors. Then the luxurious fabric is handed to our helpers (mostly elderly knitting ladies) whom we have carefully selected based on knitting skills and passion for Prinz Berlin. These ladies, who are now part of our Prinz Berlin family, knit your scarf with a lot of love and patience. Each and every thread by hand, to make sure it is perfect. Depending on the size of the scarf and skills of our knitter, the fabrication takes 6-10 hours. When the soft scarves are finished, we pick them up personally and review every scarf to make sure it is perfect. At the end of its journey with us, we pack each Little Prinz lovingly and send it to you, to enjoy it for a lifetime.

The Prinz Printz.

The Prinz Carrés are made of the softest silk and designed with love and passion by our wonderful friend Lara Giller, a great designer from Paris.

Our silk

Silk is the world’s most luxurious fiber, it is made by spinning and weaving the fibers from the chrysalis of silkworms. It is completely biodegradable and has a low environmental impact. Conventional silk production uses small amounts of pesticide and fertilizer, but the impact is far lower than that of cotton or synthetics processing. Prinz’s silk is spun, dyed and woven in the UK.

Our production

As an ethical brand we care about everyone involved in the production process. The delicate silk pieces are carefully handcrafted in a family-owned and ethically run factory in England, North-West of London. The local artisans have been passing on their expertise for generation and guarantee safe working conditions, an adequate wage and comfortable working hours.
The final product is assembled in Germany, where the local helpers carefully stich up the edges. Contrary to mass production and due to the delicate fabric, each item needs to be completed by hand and therefore requires time and care.

However, we are not perfect and want to continuously improve. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email us at hello@prinzberlin.com