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A Short Note from the Prinz Berlin Team

The Prinz Berlin collections have been designed and manufactured in collaboration with our factories in Germany, Italy, and Portugal, which we have carefully selected and visited. Our focus is on creating durable, high-quality accessories that are responsibly sourced and ethically produced. Transparency, clarity, and open communication are very important to us; that's why we want to open the doors of our productions and give you insight into our manufacturing process.

At Prinz Berlin, you're not just guests, but part of our wonderful community. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us – we welcome every message at

Textil Manufacturer

Made in Italy

The silk scarves are produced in a traditional, family-run workshop located in the Como region of Italy. Since the 1960s, our partner has consistently focused on top quality and environmentally friendly practices. They use certified organic materials, rely on solar energy, and hold renowned certifications such as GOTS, Seri. Co, and ICEA, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards.

The preparation of raw silk for printing and the printing process take place on-site in their production facility. Through ongoing quality control, the team ensures that printing errors are minimized and the process runs smoothly. Subsequently, the printed silk is taken to the laundry where the color is fixed. In the final step, the silk roll is brought to the tailoring department, where each silk accessory is handcrafted, and the Prinz Berlin labels are sewn on.

Handmade Knitting

Handmade in Germany

The yarn itself is produced in Italy. Subsequently, the luxurious fabric is passed on to our helpers, mostly older knitters whom we carefully selected based on their knitting skills and their passion for Prinz Berlin. These ladies are now part of our Prinz Berlin family and craft the short scarves as well as crochet the bucket hats with great love and patience. Each thread is hand-knitted or crocheted to ensure perfection. The manufacturing process takes about 5-10 hours depending on the product and the skills of our helpers. Once the soft pieces are finished, we personally pick them up and inspect each piece to ensure it is perfect.

Weaving factory

Made in Germany

The Jacquard Triangles are crafted in Germany in a traditional, sustainable, and family-run manufacturing facility. Based on personal conviction regarding their dedication to quality and local expertise, our Cashmere triangles were created.

Our production partner places a special focus on sustainability. The electricity is sourced 100% from Germany and is climate-neutral. Additionally, they carefully monitor water consumption and utilize their own wells to minimize the impact on the regional water system.

We directly source the cashmere yarn for our products from our manufacturer, who collaborates closely with local suppliers and exclusively uses sustainable yarns. This ensures ethical treatment of animals and supports fair working conditions.

Hat Manufacturer

Made in Portugal

Our wool hats are crafted in Portugal with the utmost precision from the finest Merino wool felt, which is sourced from carefully selected local suppliers. The entire production process, from sourcing the raw materials to meticulous craftsmanship, spans just a few kilometers. We place special emphasis on exceptional standards. Our hats are not only a result of craftsmanship but also a living testament to Portuguese heritage and traditional craftsmanship.

Hat Manufacturer

Made in Italy

Our straw hats are handcrafted in Italy by a family-owned company with a long tradition of exceptional craftsmanship. With deep knowledge and experience in the art of hat making, combined with loving attention to detail, true masterpieces are created. Here, experiences passed down through generations and artistic skills merge to produce unique works that represent the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.