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Merino Hats and Straw 344



S 55 cm
M 57 cm
L 59 cm
XL 61 cm


Straw Cowboy and Straw Cloche



SM 56 cm

58 cm


When purchasing a hat, accurately measuring the circumference of your head is crucial. This ensures that the hat neither fits too snugly nor too loosely. Using a tape measure is recommended; wrap it around the middle of your forehead, approximately 1cm above your ears, and encompassing the widest part of the back of your head. Make sure not to pull it excessively tight.

Each of our hats features an attached band with two small cords that allow you to adjust the hat's size by up to two sizes smaller. If your measured size falls between two sizes, it's advisable to opt for the next larger size, and then you can use the cords to achieve a perfect fit.

Moreover, it's worth noting that all of our hats are unisex and offer an excellent fit for both men and women.